Three Short Songs

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Photo Credit: Jessica T. Langdon

Photo Credit: Jessica T. Langdon

Come A Day

Come a day
When a cold wind blows around me
Sooner or later

You’ll believe
In the falsehoods told about me
Sooner or later

The harder I resist
The shorter is your kiss
The stronger that I fight
The longer is my night

The New Sky Flyer

All aboard, all aboard
For The New Sky Flyer
To a blue sky, it's a blue sky
It's a new sky, it's a blue sky

All a-course, all a-course
On the luxury liner
For the new sky, for the new sky
It's a blue sky, it's a blue sky

Up, Up Above

Up, up above
True love
He's speaking
I'm believing
Up above
His love
He's healing
I am seeing
His being
I am feeling

Up, up above
Your love
You're giving
I'm retreating
Your love is
Pure love
You're winning
I'm conceding
You're living
I'm deleting

Every time that I fear my heart will break
I look to the Lord above
Such behavior only pushes you away
And you get more distant every day